Saturday, August 1, 2020

Walking the Census in 2020

I started doing Census questions door to door in the past week.

July 2020, United States of America.

I took an oath to keep all personal information confidential, for life. What follows in this post are my notes and comments about the "business process" of using current technology to accomplish the count as has been done for centuries (well two-ish).

I am assigned cases each day, with the goal being to ask the standard questions and collect as many answers as possible. We are issued a digital device that is a common smartphone with certain apps installed and nearly everything else disabled. There is a case list, with an associated map app. There's another common map app, which works to get from point A to point B only. Then it's back to the Census apps.

The biggest ouch I've encountered is not being able to start a survey from a mapped location; I need to return to the case list and open from there. If the place I'm looking for isn't in the top few visible, the device seems to spin for a while. In some cases, I can't get to the place I am next to. Disconcerting?

I've tried different combinations of driving and walking. There's a small incentive to drive because I get mileage reimbursement, so small as not to matter yet. If I get cases further away, I'll get better mileage overall. One of the days I was able to walk the entire route. Not much progress because of rain, heat and humidity.

Knowing the way cul-de-sacs and streets are numbered is handier than using standard map apps, as their focus is A to B but I'm doing a circuit trying to find a shady spot to park if possible and not interfering with any local driving patterns. Or pedestrians. Or cyclists.

I can't sort the list of cases as presented. It's speculation to think there is a method to that madness or if its just the way it works.

The GPS probably doesn't drain the battery as much as the apps do, in my understanding about power consumption levels. Because I spent a few minutes for one collection while in bright sunlight, it seemed the display became too dim to work with.

For obvious reasons (they should be right?) no pictures in this post. I hesitated to even use the camera, given the commitment to privacy protection. To prevent some data leakage, I've turned off location on my personal phone. I usually do anyway unless I need directions or want to take a geo-tagged picture.

Once in a while, the character of Harry the Mailman from Lucifers Hammer comes to mind.

Sunday, June 28, 2020

Stay Home Stay Safe COVID-19 Music Poll

Music Poll!

Date Subject Link Results




06/27/20 NO POLL -

06/26/20 sofia no votes
06/25/20 latin duo bomberos
06/24/20 fito tie
06/23/20 malpais no
06/22/20 sole no
06/21/20 silvio r descartes
06/20/20 gato no
06/19/20 mary black looking back
06/18/20 sade tie
06/17/20 reggae cash/zappa
06/16/20 tosh tie
06/15/20 marley tie
06/14/20 marley tie
06/13/20 marley tie
06/12/20 marley get up stand up
06/11/20 king riding
06/10/20 CCR unknown
06/09/20 road tunes CCR+
06/08/20 Phil-tom tom
06/07/20 paxton tie
06/06/20 pete seeger tie
06/05/20 joan baez like
06/04/20 ? no
06/03/20 qms tie
06/02/20 santana smooth
06/01/20 ja tie
05/31/20 dnb tie
05/30/20 rod stewart maggie
05/29/20 joe cocker you are
05/28/20 tull aqualung
05/27/20 depeche kicks
05/26/20 depeche tie
05/25/20 depeche everything
05/24/20 lips yoshimi
05/23/20 drive in lobby
05/22/20 r thompson mock tudor
05/21/20 art scape leon
05/20/20 dire straits phil
05/19/20 dire straits money
05/18/20 ta dream mars polaris
05/17/20 kraftwerk t e express
05/16/20 ice cream tie
05/15/20 abbie who?
05/14/20 cowboy junkies tie
05/13/20 feat tie
05/12/20 supertramp b’fast
05/11/20 REM tie
05/10/20 Piano-organ piano
05/09/20 Dolly-linda-emmy lou rondstat
05/08/20 misc oleta
05/07/20 flute mozart
05/06/20 flute yes
05/05/20 james brown tie
05/04/20 black xmas tie
05/03/20 huey lewis te bomb
05/02/20 joni tie
05/01/20 misc joni
04/30/20 firesign tie
04/29/20 al tie
04/28/20 xpn xpn
04/27/20 native american hovia
04/26/20 women tie
04/25/20 german synth kraftwerk
04/24/20 OTR marlowe
04/23/20 pop sara vaughan
04/22/20 latin marc anthony
04/21/20 Billy-laura laura
04/20/20 jazz tie
04/19/20 live/can can
04/18/20 Dead tie
04/17/20 folk other
04/16/20 prine wolf trap
04/15/20 prine plant a little garden
04/14/20 prine duets melba
04/13/20 prine when I get to heaven
04/12/20 prine tie
04/11/20 prine space monkey
04/10/20 prine tie
04/09/20 prine tie

04/07/20 india rahman
04/06/20 Bowie-clapton-simon-palmer clapton
04/05/20 NO POLL -

04/04/20 jazz sonny rollins
04/03/20 zappa best band
04/02/20 springsteen darkness
04/01/20 Parker-mingis-duke-coltrane parker
03/31/20 Winehouse-chick-et al winehouse
03/29/20 Bette-madonna-norah-phoebe madonna
03/28/20 Chrissie-dolly-janis-grace chrissie
03/27/20 Raitt-baez tie
03/26/20 Annie-iris-joni-laurie Annie
03/25/20 Merchant-jones jones
03/24/20 Boz-leo Boz
03/23/20 floyd/lips floyd
03/22/20 Phish-willie willie
03/21/20 Clapton-bruce-allman-traffic Allman
03/20/20 Avalanches Since
03/19/20 CCR CCR+
03/18/20 CSNY-etc CSNY
03/17/20 REM-tull-dan-dire REM
03/16/20 Dead tie
03/15/20 Dead-Stones-Wait-Prine Dead
03/14/20 Library-Stream Library
03/13/20 Station kcsm
03/12/20 new wave-punk New wave
03/11/20 Clash-jazz Clash

Friday, April 10, 2020

Parked my bike sideways instead of head-on. Normally 2 or 3 bikes for 2 racks, so no other rider cared. Wanted the frame to be locked to the rack with the short Kryptonite lock instead of a chain and padlock.
General Services didn't like it.

The paper size is 8.0 inches by 10.5 inches. This size was standard US government from Herbert Hoover through 1980. Straight Dope board.

I wrote to my elected representatives; wish I had carbon copies of those.

Fill out the form and get legit. This page was probably created on a standard office paper size (8.5x11 inches) copier.