Sunday, May 18, 2008

2 batteries in 1 weekend

A rainy weekend at the Order of the Arrow Section NE-4C Conclave did not stop nearly 400 campers from participating in lodge events. My tasks included registration (printing badges for walk-in customers), emptying trash cans and sorting recyclables from trash. It took me a couple days, but I finally spotted my first discarded battery just before lunch on Saturday (I went to camp Thursday night). This D cell had been sitting on the mulch outside the dining hall for a long time based on its condition, and scores of people walked past it, including me, before I got this photo.

Sunday morning as I was helping clean up after breakfast I pulled a few recycle cans and bottles out of the trash stream I spotted a couple zip-lock plastic bags, in nearly new condition, so I grabbed them just in case. They were double bagged, with the inner bag containing another D cell battery, in much better condition than the first (notice the "expiration" date of 2013).

So, my haul on this hike, camping and event trip was 2 batteries and 4 large blue bags. Hopefully a side effect was a bit of education for young (and old) scouts and Scouters. Shaun Woolmer had given me a cool, custom, Leave No Trace patch, which should be visible, over my right pocket. The official patch is on my right sleeve.

I could see, just barely out the back window...

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