Monday, July 21, 2008

Battery found under tent

Sunday night checkin to summer camp at Ockanickon went smoothly, only a few hiccups with wasted motion going from one station to the next. At the leaders meeting in the evening the camp leadership announced an impending lightning storm so we spent an hour or so in Handicraft singing camp songs, drinking water and waiting.

Today after lunch I looked under my tnt floorboards and found some good recycled treasures. The photo shows a carabiner and a AAA battery. With the help of a couple spotters and a fire rake I scraped out these and some pens, a couple hangers, 25 cents and other trash.

I'll test the battery when I get home. It may have a few milliwatts to go.

And a Scout gave me 2 'dead' batteries so the count is 3 as of Monday, just about 24 hours after arrival.

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