Saturday, August 2, 2008

Is it really green energy, yet?

I was going to blog about finally getting the right alternate energy choice, after stupidly picking the "green" energy that wasn't as green as it seemed. But after looking at my July statement from BGE, I can't do that yet.

In an earlier blog, I described why I wanted to switch from the "green" energy supply to the "100% wind" supply, even though it was going to cost us even more than the premium we chose ($0.1571 compared to $0.1511 per kWH). This EditGrid snippet shows the impact.

BGE is charging $0.1169 per kWh, although this is a calculated rate; during summer months the peak rate of $0.13 kicks in when air conditioning runs the hardest. Plus, I'm still paying the distribution price of $0.025 (2.5 cents per kWh) so my electricity is costing more like $0.182 per kWh).

I never received the confirmation email or paperwork from Pepco Energy Services to switch from Green to Wind, though I'm certain I mailed them the paper copy before the June 16 deadline they imposed (it's now August 2nd). It's possible they got my change and will be applying it on the next bill cycle. It's also possible they misfiled it and I need to start a complaint cycle. In the beginning of this process I praised how easy it was to sign up on the internet to a colleague in the SAP users community, but I'll now need to tell him that the remainder of the process is not praise-worthy. It made no sense to me how I could commit on the web, but could not switch to a higher-cost option that way.

In any case, conservation, not running the air conditioner, and having a higher efficiency heat pump than previously has allowed us to lower our energy use for the first month of this summer. The chart says "July", but is based on a billing period roughly June 10 - July 10 each year.

Average temperatures for these July periods all fall between 74 and 76 degrees F.

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