Tuesday, January 6, 2009

2009 First Day

Bright, sunshine.

Short stories (very short).


Between about 1PM and 3PM, we saw around 18 performances, including a troupe of 5 from Baltimore Improv Group (non-sequiturally called Population: 6).

Just a few:

Rosemary Klein - read several poems; some without breathing I think.

Ron Kipling Williams and Moziah performed My Name is Emmet Till. See Aware and Outraged

Jai Brooks - an International Man of Mystery

Cliff Lynn (without Rocky) - I hope that is who I have on the YouTube clip. If not, someone let me know! My notes are scrawly for some reason.

BIG - or @bigimprov or Baltimore Improv Group

Marianne Amoss - my notes say "Radio Belly Cat Shovel" so the random factor is high here.

Matt Pless - on the YouTube clip.

Leo Horrigan - did a poetry video Talkin Smack To America. Wow!

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