Saturday, July 9, 2011

SummitCorps - Monday July 11, 2011


Monday started early at SummitCorps, with real bugle reveille at 5:45, assembly at 6:30, and bus departure before 7AM. The food was a "Philmont breakfast", as was the lunch, but fortunately coffee was available. I drank little, just in case the bus ride was longer or bumpier than predicted. The "20 minute" ride was more like 30, making it seem like our work site is in another county, if not state, from the Bechtel Family Summit.

We had a tool talk, short work assignments, and then we got to work. Water breaks were hourly, and for the people from western stated (like Colorado), the humidity was painful. As I'm used to yard and trail work in this climate, there was not a huge inconvenience for me, and I kept drinking water at a good clip.

Lunch on the trail was around noon, consisting of bagged food like chips, fruit bars, granola, etc., along with a can of ham loaf. It was tasty enough, and filling, but we looked forward to the country fried steak for dinner.

We worked almost 200 yards of finished trail, with another 100-plus of rough cut into a dense thicket of green briers and other growth. We stopped when we got to Point CB5B, which you may or may not be able to find on the site updates.

The drop point was near "Rocky Top Retreat", a low key collection of tents and outbuildings that looks like a way station for the whitewater rafting and other local activities. I think they will benefit from the trail work we're doing.

The Lodge Chief and I started on a plywood sign that will represent the Nentico Lodge flap. We had fun trying to eyeball the design and use the paints available to create a reasonable facsimile.

Pictures, if I'm lucky.

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