Saturday, April 12, 2008

The next hike - planning phase

I've done a 6 mile hike in about 2 hours, so I want to get a 10 miler in next. The Scout merit badge requirement for Hiking has 5 10 milers and 1 20. I did all those helping my son earn Eagle, so I need to keep in practice for the next round of those on the trail.

A 10 mile hike without driving 25 miles to the MD/PA (aka Ma & Pa) railroad trail, and without using the local 2-lane roads with no shoulders, much less sidewalks? Google it. Starting point - Double T diner, is they let us use their parking lot. Ending point - MD 43 and US 1. I started with Tully's restaurant but that came out 10.6. Leaving off the stub on US 1 gave 4.8 miles one way. Probably a good starting plan.

Here's the current working/walking plan - MD 43 to US 1 and back, with one side loop around White Marsh Mall, and the return side loop up towards Silver Spring Rd. Google maps says:

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