Saturday, April 26, 2008

shameless plug for creative offspring

Last night at the Creative Alliance in the old Patterson Theater on Eastern Avenue, my son and a friend won a juried film award for "Best Buddy Picture", one of 3 awards (not counting "most popular" as voted by audience majority rule) given to the 11 finalists in the 2008 CAmm College Film/Video Bake-Off contest.

Besides the cool statue, they split credit for time at the Creative Alliance media cage or for classes, and each get a year's free membership. Kathy and I, as well as my mother, were just thrilled. The jury member presenting the award said they were quoting the film's dialogue for weeks afterward, after 2 screenings. Julian said it was all improv'd in 1 night.

You can see it on their Facebook page, or on YouTube.

To Live And Die In Lavatory
by Francis Cabatac and Julian Spath (DBA "SpaceTaxi Films")
6:59 Uploaded about 4 months ago.



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Anonymous said...

That was brilliant. I loved it! Pass on my congratulations to the fellers.