Friday, April 11, 2008

the tertiary, final, i swear, post about my 06-Apr-2008 hike


This will be the last blog on my hike on MD 43 from MD 150 to US 40, honest. I have other things to do, more hikes to plan, junk to collect, and need to move on.

But I promised an art review of the hike and it's just not coming together. I used editgrid to lay out a few shots in what I think is a novel format, and then posted this page within a page. Interesting, but not as arty as I wanted.

I mapped my route with google maps and panoramio photos, and this looks okay.

Here are 2 photos showing collectibles. Some consider anything collectible art, and beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and one mans trash is another mans treasure.

Photo 1 is everything I brought back that I didn't start with - 2 blue plastic bags with recyclables, metal, plastic, paper, and other junk.

Photo 2 is a similar shot, zoomed in on the metal pieces.

In no particular order:

  • Metal plate with fiber cover - looks like a car part maybe
  • Cast gear, heavy
  • Hex head machine screw, galvanized
  • Lag bolt, galvanized, hex head
  • Sharp blade piece, perhaps from mower
  • 3 metal brackets of unknown use, each bent
  • Long, thin, flat piece of plate steel
There were 3 CD/DVD sized plastic parts, only one of which had recognizable text other than the imprinted brand near the hub. Photo 1 shows these as 2 clear disks and 1 bluish disk.


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