Wednesday, June 25, 2008

AC5 Work Day 2 (try 2)

It's Wednesday, my first day off at ArrowCorps5. Last night I typed up a story about the 2nd trail work day, and the smart phone said message rejected. So, rather than repeat the story I'm doing the same picture with new words.

Easier work in the morning Tuesday, but rocky spots Wednesday. Lots of dignitaries not just on the trail but in a shady spot off trail.

The squad is doing great work, making tremendous progress and learning a lot of new skills. I'm learning to let them be leaders and make decisions for themselves. They range from 13 to 18, so it's like I'm their Scout Patrol Leader.

Food has been awesome, lots of pork, grits, watermelon and other local cuisine. Trail lunches are *not* Philmont food :-).

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