Thursday, June 26, 2008

Geoff Landau and others join our trail crew.

Today we were down 2 squad members, 1 from an injury sustained during mountain biking Wednesday and another from probable dehydration by 10:30 AM. But we continued working on trail building, and were joined before lunch by the National OA Chair Bradley Haddock and 2 associates (Carey Miller and Jack Butler). I have photos showing them at work that I will transfer later. They went back down the trail after having lunch and program with us. Our crew leader Jake Knudsen (who had his 19th birthday yesterday) spoke about "Why me, Why now?"

After lunch our progress slowed due to the necessity of taking frequent rest and water breaks. But we persevered and left the trail better than we found it.

A rocky spot we found Tuesday needed a bit more attention to get rid of obstacles. We were joined by Geoff Landau, the Youth Incident commander, who helped move rock and locate the best trail.

Battery is low, so stopping here.

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