Saturday, October 18, 2008

Breakfast in Dortmund Germany (and lunch, and dinner)

After a personal weekend visiting southwest Germany and then a packed 4 days in Berlin, not to mention the SAP TechEd Cluetrain, I spent a few hours yesterday on the ICE (intercity express train) to Dortmund.

I just learned the train station here is one of the busiest in Germany and I believe it. It seemed more crowded and faster paced than any of the other (5?) stations I've been through.

There was also a lively crowd outside, such as food vendors, flower carts, and more than a few teen-aged citizens in black punk uniforms.

After a tasty dinner last night I was able to get online, joining Craig Cmehil and a few others for a time-lapsed Friday morning report (got the heads up on twitter). Even learned that Gregor had passed through Dormund Friday, as had Craig.

I walked the 'ring' streets going anti-clockwise from Konigswall to Hoher Wall to Hiltropwall to Sudwall to Ostwall, then Schwanenwall and finally on Burgwall to the hotel. Today I plan to explore the ring center with museums and churches and end up outside it in Kreuzviertel.

American hotels take note - this is just part of a Continental breakfast!

(update - lunch and dinner photos)

A turkey kabob omelet:

Salad with fried potatoes and fried eggs, with house red.


Gregor W said...

Hi Jim,
now you can understand how we starved during our US trip. Enjoy your time in Dortmund and have a save trip home.

Craig said...

Have a great time! Consider having a Döner Tasche while you are here - not German but you really can't be here and not have one :-) holler if you need anything!

JSpath55 said...

Danke, friends! Great hospitality here; I've uploaded photos of lunch and supper before hitting the road (and train/plane food :-().

Dusty Compass said...

Hi there,
Nice to know there's a fellow English-speaking blogger in Dortmund at the moment. You mind sharing exactly where this breakfast is from? I'm still on chocolate covered waffles and I've been thinking about making a switch.

Ah yes, and if you're into very relaxed cafe/bars with good food, check out a place called 'chillers' downtown.

Happy traveling!

JSpath55 said...

dusty compass - the breakfast was at the Königshof hotel; lunch was at the Sultan Cafe, and dinner was at Schürmann´s Cafebar (I think). But I'm back in the USA now.