Friday, January 25, 2008

1 thing you don't know about me.

Got a chain twitter. Must respond. 140 Characters or less? Nah.

Miss Barlow writes:

November 1962

Jimmy is a very creative person with a wide variety of interests. He has made many valuable contributions to the class this fall -- both through his ideas and the material he has shared. He seems to be able to concentrate on his work more effectively lately and it has improved markedly. He does still need to work on his printing -- it seems to be a matter of Jimmy just taking his time. I realize he knows how, but he needs to put it into practice. Please encourage him at home.

January 1963

Jimmy is working harder in school and doing nicely. His printing and handwriting have show improvement when he wants them to. He needs to become more aware of this and continue to work on it.

April 1963

Jimmy is doing some excellent work -- especially in language and arithmetic. He seems to have a "flair" for creative writing.

He still needs to concentrate on neatness and on exercising more self control.

June 1963

Jimmy is a very creative person with a keen intellect; however he needs to settle down and develop much more self control.