Monday, December 28, 2020

Bengies 2020: A Year of Classics

Once Upon A Time At The Bengies

Usually, I write a "top ten" movie post about the films shown at the Bengies Drive-In after the season ends. This year, of course, it is different.

First off, the COVID-19 pandemic hit in late winter, when the Bengies would normally be gearing up for their season opening. No films in March, nor April. Not even May, when I took this shot:

I thought, at the time, that we could contain this outbreak by following simple public health rules. It was not to be. By the time rules were formulated to allow people to go out to the movies it was June. I'll skip the controversy among the federal, state, and local governments about rules for masks, food preparation and mourn for what we lost.

Then, when the first features were posted on the marquee, it was a relief that we could actually attend. The Bengies was open every night, for weeks, the first time in many many years I can remember them having that many shows per week. I'm glad they were able to hire their full crews, and despite being at half-capacity by restricting parking to every other spot (their choice) they could bring some entertainment to us.

The Bengies, from their 2020 opening date through the end of the season (December 18-19) was a way for many of us to enjoy a little in the midst of chaos.


Sonic The Hedgehog was released in February 2020. It would prove to be one of the few movies the Bengies (or any theater in the country) could show as first-run. Jumanji (the next level) was released in 2019, and, honestly, it was so much like the last Jumanji (2017) as to make no difference. Heather kept saying we saw this before. I'll have to re-watch the 1995 Robin Williams version to know how different the special features are. 

Did we enjoy Sonic? Sure. Despite the video-game origins, the kid-oriented PG rating, and king of hams Jim Carrey being the "bad guy" it was awesome to watch the action on the big screen.

For this show, and many others in 2020, we took advantage of the Bengies outside food permit to enjoy meals and leave the snack bar line to others.