Monday, March 11, 2013

OALM 3 filtering

To complement and expand prior posts on the LodgeMaster 3 filtering steps, here's another view, with more pictures.

Figure 1 shows the header for "Full Name" and the triangle clicked to indicate sorting on that column value.  The dues year is 2013, as the default starting point on these menus is the current year.


Figure 2 shows the results of clicking on another column header, Chapter, so the triangle there is highlighted.  There isn't a secondary sort column - I would expect the prior results (by full name) would be used after Chapter. I have not found a way to add a second sorted by.


Figure 3 shows the "funnel" action, distinct from the triangle, which brings up a checklist. This works fine for few distinct values; less so for wide ranges such as name. The sort order remains, for those rows that are left.


Figure 4 shows the filter editor, after clicking on "Advanced Filtering", where the columns selected by the prior "funnel" checklist have been converted to a logical clause ("Is any of").

4 Five adds another cause, with the choice of operators highlighted.  These will change depending on the field being character, numeric, date, etc.
I would use these options where I could, rather than the checklists, since keeping all the logic in one place avoids incorrect documentation - the funnel values may not be listed in some cases.

5 Six shows the necessity for selecting prior dues years, and perhaps future, to get a wider range of records. I can't select a range without clicking each one, although there is a button at the top for "all" or "none".  Writing a "between" clause makes more sense to me.

6 Seven adds a between clause for last  name.

7 Eight shows more of the conditions than figure 5 above shows. The icons help to visualize the logic. What's not easy for me to create using these menus is anything with precedence or grouping.


Thursday, March 7, 2013

Function or Control? You decide

New laptop. New keyboard. Cleaner, but things are not where I left them.

Who moved my control key? Again.

Friday, March 1, 2013

OALM chapter members


  •  members for The Capitol Chapter
  • which years
  • their contact info
  • respective level
  • have several members that have not paid their dues and are trying

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