Sunday, March 9, 2008

long walk, part 1, found art

Planned a 5 mile hike on Saturday, but it rained in buckets all morning. I left home around 3:30, planning to walk for 90 minutes.

Found the usual recyclables, but only picked up flattened aluminum cans to stuff in the pack side pockets, as I intended to hit the store on the way home and wanted to leave room for edibles, avoiding excess sugar and bugs. I could have filled the day pack many times over.

First found art almost missed, but stopped to retrieve it. A CD- RW, missing huge media spots, with the unlikely title "chick hits." An homage to "chick flicks" I assume, but without a large investment in a data recovery service it is impossible to guess what genre this means.

The second item was a largish sign, of the oval variety recently multiplying to all manner of fan worship. Rather than the standard paper with adhesive, this one is the vinyl refrigerator "magnet" style, so it must have slipped off a vehicle seriously torquing around the corner I found it. I'd offer it to a football fan, but I think the weathered patina it has achieved may be taken as vandalism rather than allegiance.

I took photos, so part 2 should contain reproductions, or perhaps pointers to other artist renderings.

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