Thursday, August 14, 2008

Car P00l update

The carpool has been running for a week now, and I guess it's OK. I know I'm not saving a huge amount of gasoline, maybe driving 40 miles less per week, so it's probably just over 1 gallon saved per week.

We need to find others in the area who have similar hours, drive to the same location, and can deal with working to someone else's schedule. It should not be too hard, but there you are.

I should report our success back to the corporate folks who started organizing this effort, maybe get a mention on our intranet.

Today I found out we're both driving the same "last mile" to the rendezvous point i picked out, since it's supposed to be a park and ride lot. Not doubling over that route will save an extra 2 miles of driving each day. But the dilemma is where else to park. The ideal spots are taken by commercial establishments that will object to cars, owned by non-paying customers, sitting on their lots for 10 hours per day. The alternative spots don't look so great: a main street that's in front of someone's house, or maybe a school, or on a side street near a community park.

I need to check if there are signs posted like they have at malls "no long term parking" or "customer only".

Anyway, I'm driving solo tomorrow as the other guy is working a half day. I wonder if I can deal with the sudden isolation?

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