Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Shiny thing

Getting into the car the other day, I noticed a shiny thing on the parking lot of the supermarket. I hesitated, as another car was pulling in next to me and I wasn't sure how they'd feel with me lingering around with my door open, crouched next to their car.

But I managed to get in the car, slide my cell phone out and take a picture while acting nonchalant. I took several, in fact, and none turned out very well. This one is the best of the lot:

I cropped it vigorously, so it ended up as a 14KB JPEG. So far, since February 2008, I've uploaded around 200 pictures, and am still under 10MB and less than 1% of my 1GB of space on picassa. Crop, crop, crop, compress, compress, compress

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