Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Woman in Tech

In response to - https://weblogs.sdn.sap.com/pub/wlg/13678

Which referenced - http://www.pledgebank.com/AdaLovelaceDay

I wrote:

Marilyn - I am privileged and honored to know many of the people you cited, through SCN and through ASUG. Many ASUG volunteer leaders are women; one whom I'd like to recognize is Carolyn Pickton, a leader in the Data Governance group. She remained an active community volunteer even through a career change, contacting us via her personal email until her new employer came on board. She has organized events, including an annual free conference for 200-300 experts in master data management, held in the midwest of the United States.

Carolyn's public profile is visible on LinkedIn. There it shows she has a Masters degree in Information Technology, and is the Data Governance Manager at Leprino Foods Company.

While the ASUG.COM links are visible to members only, Carolyn's leadership in the BITI group has contributed to 2 successful year-round community meetings of her peers in the data governance field, and the 2009 plans are shaping up for yet another win.

Carolyn started work with BITI at the 2007 ASUG volunteer meeting, staying late to get the paperwork done while others wandered away. Here's a few links that might tell more of the details:

Carolyn also handled both the program chair and SIG chair duties when the prior program chair went vacant.

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