Monday, November 30, 2009

Rediscovering trails in Gunpowder State Park

In the site, there are 2 caches described along parts of the Orange and White trails in Gunpowder State Park:



I'm rather partial to these, even if my troop isn't the one listed on the one remaining "Nature Trail" sign, we've done a bit of trail maintenance there. Plus, the image on one of these cache pages is of an Eagle project by our troop.

The Friday after Thanksgiving we gathered at the Marina to begin a few hours of trail service. Besides a lot of leaves and branches in the trail, the Park Rangers wanted us to fix up some faded or missing blazes, and rework a couple of muddy sections.

The first photo shows Sam, Tom, and Mr. Joe placing rocks to forge the wettest area, while Kyle widens the trail step on a slightly drier area.

In the second photo, Sam is blazing a new marker using our impromptu duct tape stencil.

Here's what one of the fords looked like when we were done.

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