Sunday, October 10, 2010

Best Trip Evah

Tilman and his father sat next to the SAP Community Clue Train contingent, between Frankfurt and Berlin, on 09-Oct-2010. We six, or seven, or eight bloggers, mentors, and SAP code exchange stalwarts enjoyed ourselves with Mark Finnern's homemade Linzer Torte.

Craig Cmehil shared his "big boy" toys with young Tilman, letting him watch movies on the iPad and Touch to while away the hours on the train ride. I think the earphones also permitted us to share state secrets without the chance of Tilman overhearing.

I had asked my fellow riders for a quote about the trip; near the end our young friend pronounced this his "best trip ever!" I've used American vernacular for this post title, which I'm unsure how to translate into German (Deutsch) idiom. Perhaps a community member will fill me in?

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