Monday, December 6, 2010

Winter Camping, LNT Style

The troop camped at Broad Creek this weekend, where lows on Saturday morning were around 26 degrees F. To get the cheerfulness going, we had a small wood fire, in a commercially available fire pan. We didn't cook in the big pan; we had propane-fired camp stoves to boil water.

The breakfast was "eggs-in-a-bag", with whatever ingredients we had, tossed into a plastic bag, and then boiled until appropriately consistent. I had brought my wood-burning backpack stove, so I took a few charcoals from the troop fire and boiled my own cooking/cleaning water.

Yum! Hot breakfast, Leave No Trace way -- with no cleanup, plus a built-in hand warmer.

Too bad I forgot the chili powder. "Bam!"

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