Thursday, June 30, 2011

Camp Food

[today's blog post is by two Scouts, or maybe three, working on their merit badge for Computers at Camp Spencer, BCMSR. The requirement is to write a blog, with publishing optional, but since I have the right gear they can have at it]

food at camp is not the best but it is good enough. camp food is probably cheap because they wouldn't spend that much money on us but its still good.

On Monday we had waffles and bacon for breakfast. For lunch we had ham and cheese with tomato soup. At dinner we had Beefaroni with meatballs, green beans and garlic bread.

On Tuesday we had pancakes for breakfast with bacon as a side. for lunch we had a BBQ pork sandwich with salad. At dinner we had corn, turkey, mash potatoes and salad.


The P B & J tasted weird at first but we go use to it and they taste great now.

They haven't run out of bread, peanut butter, and jelly yet. I like their choice of jelly, it's my favorite.

Pizza - party

Tuesday at camp we had a pizza party with Troop 117. The pizza was good while we played cards for camp night.

We also had bug juice, water, and frute punch.

Trading Post

At the Trading Post they have tons of snacks. It is amazing. They have ice cream, soda, candy and beef jerkey.

Salad bar

Mr. Kyle is our wonderful dining pavilion steward. One of his duties is to police the salad bar. The salad bar had condiments that you could also put on your sandwich or other food. It was served at lunch and dinner.

The dressings include an excellent ranch. For a couple days, there was ham and turkey.

Bug juice

The bug juice was only served at lunch and dinner. The flavors included fruit punch and orange. It was mixed strongly and had good flavor. It was always cold too.

Some Scouts thought they saw bugs in the bug juice, but most did not notice. Scouts should drink more water than bug juice and much less soda.

The bug juice is awesome (Mr. Kyle made it) and there was hardly ever a line, except when there was a line


Today for breakfast we had English Muffins, eggs, hash browns, and bacon. Some said the hash browns were dry and the English Muffins tasted like cardboard, while others said it was delicious.

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