Tuesday, October 18, 2011

From Banyans to Bosons

Trying to pick up where I left off in the last blog post for this trip to India is difficult, as I had a very early flight from Kolkata to Bangalore this morning, after a long bus ride from Dagrapur to Kolkata last night. I've taken lots of photos, and now that I'm at the SAP TechEd conference center, I can upload a few.

The first shot is from the roadside stop on the bus ride. It was dark (obviously) and this is a handheld, no flash shot. The image can't convey the atmosphere completely, as this is a far cry from typical rest stops in the U.S., sanitation-wise.

On the drive around Abesh's town, I took a few shots out the window while driving, so these motorcycle riders appear distorted as we moved in opposite directions.

Here's a traffic circle, or roundabout: go left, go left.

Another shot of traffic, this time with a slow moving bicyclist.

Some captive wildlife on the side of the road.

Abesh and Haimanti took me shopping, at a larger mall in the town. I'll spare everyone the shot of my pajama pants.

In the village near "the barrage", Abesh explained how the fuel is created from animal droppings and steel mill byproducts for cooking. It's being dried in the sun here.

This is on the road leading from the village back to the main road over the barrage.

It's the tie-die shirt seen elsewhere in the world.

Both Dipankar and Abesh, and all of their family members, were wonderful hosts. I wish I knew how to thank them properly.

A few of the above images have links to Picasa, with geo-locations that I think are correct. If not, they should be fixable.

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