Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Spectate this

This past weekend, I attended Order of the Arrow training at Broad Creek. In between sessions, and, yes, sometimes during a session, I looked at email and other online doings. I've followed the twitter account known as "@BaltoSpectator" for over a year, ever since I saw the man's bio listing his occupation as "urban combat correspondent". He's shown himself to be complex, confrontational, and, yes, wanted to make a spectacle of himself.

We had a spirited, intelligent discussion about fire station closings (and site locations) in Baltimore City, after I piped in about computer models used for public service spending decision making. It's not an easy topic, and breaking things down to simply numbers can turn life-and-death decisions into mere budget line items.

Saturday night, @BaltoSpectator used my name to tweet a link to one of his blog posts (see image below), and it was interesting enough that I re-tweeted it. I knew at the time he wasn't just sending this to me, since it came out of the blue, yet as with many memes, it had a great hook. Little did I know how many people got similar messages (nor have I researched it), but apparently his volume of posts during that time window got his account temporarily suspended for violation of Twitter rules.

Not long after my retweet, I got a DM from the good doctor, thanking me for, well, I'm not sure what. I could sense something was happening, but I wasn't clear what.

I'll include a few links below, for those who stumble on this story without the background.  As I occasionally viewed the succession of messages on the topic (searching Twitter, and other web places, while still at camp), I could see the possibility of a bad ending, as we've seen with other cases where a citizen exhibits unpredictable behavior in the context of a police setting. The Doctor is wily, though, so I held out hope he didn't to anything to martyr himself, which one could derive from some of his posts.


"He is reportedly being held without bond." - the Baltimore Afro



Do I feel used?  Yeah, a little.  Do I feel this man should be in jail?  No, I don't think so.

Did he plan a sensational confrontation?  Yes, but it was entertaining.  Not too educational, in my books, but definitely a distraction from life's little problems.

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