Wednesday, February 27, 2013

OALM 3 - Dues Paid Check

In the updated version of the Order of the Arrow "LodgeMaster" membership database, there are new ways of looking for information. One we struggled with in prior versions was checking on dues paid status for individuals, whether in a unit, or in a Lodge position.  Below are the results of a query where I altered the "dues years to include" to cover the range 2010 through 2012. Not shown is the advanced filtering condition where position is not empty.

You'll notice there are dues paid records for 2013, though one might expect these to be outside the range specified.  The reason these appear is that these members also paid in a prior year, so they match the rules given.

To view only those records in the range requested, you will need to add an "exclude" year condition so that the current year does not match.

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