Saturday, November 15, 2014

Stormwater sediment surveying and community participation

In the interest of community spirit, we attended a recent neighborhood meeting about the Bird River water quality conditions. The place was packed, maybe because of the impending election, maybe not.  Speaker Richard Klein went through a slide presentation on basic stormwater sediment control,

Attendees talked about increased silt in the river, and how much deeper the water had been years ago. There was a focus on some of the larger area commercial developments, such as Nottingham Ridge.

Mr. Klein asked the group to participate in improving water quality by working on surveys of conditions at construction sites, fields, etc.

On Saturday (today), we'll meet for training.  Then, a week later, we're supposed to have surveyed the entire Bird River drainage basin.  This will be challenging with the shortening daylight hours.

We're going to be filling out paper forms it seems, and taking pictures, and then a plan.


Baltimore County

Maryland State


  • Google maps showing areas of concern
  • Panoramio uploads
  • Working with other neighborhood / community organizations

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0s0-Pa said...

Always nice to see neighborhoods working together to help improve the local environment. I've installed a couple of inlet filters where I live.