Sunday, March 16, 2008

Another day, another hike

Last week's hike includes a map with photo links. This week's hike will have nearly the same interface, plus explanations so I can repeat this feat next time with less memory scratching.

[pictures above are in]
[not this one below]

I didn't collect much junk this walk, just a bit of plastic, aluminum and one steel bottle cap. Oh, and I almost missed the dead battery when nearly home. It is well corroded, but the cylindrical shape triggered a weak synapse ("pick me up").

How to map your hike:
  • Get a panoramio account
  • Download google earth
  • Use API with iframe such as < iframe src="" height="300" width="400" > < /iframe >
    • lt is latitude. It's a pain switching between minutes seconds and decimals, but there you are. ln is longitude
    • z is zoom. lower is closer to the ground
    • user is your panoramio account id
    • k is the map type ("kind of"). this one is map only, no terrain.
    • a is er,
    • tab is the, er, well I guess you don't need this.
Official help:

I jiggled the height and width as well as the lat/lon to center the mini-panorama to include only pictures from this hike, not others from prior days. I assume if I take later pictures in this vicinity they will appear in the frame, so I hope they are good ones!

Maybe next time I'll try an overlay map with my shots plus someone else's. Leaving out the user id will do this, but I'd want to see only selected levels.

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