Sunday, March 23, 2008

shed renovation wrap up

Saturday I traipsed back to Home Depot, waited patiently for 15 minutes to get a quart of custom mixed outdoor acrylic paint. $15. Sigh.

Back home, start painting with my favorite 3 inch brush. Just makes it into the quart paint can. The color doesn't match as well as I wanted--Kathy picked a darker shade than I did--but too late to change that. I managed to cover the new plywood and then head back up the top side older faded color before the can ran dry. Next time I'll need to get a gallon mixed, which will probably set me back $40 or so.

Double checked the age of tools listed in the prior blog. Found 2 google hits for my inherited circular saw (Craftsman model 336.27963). One on - the poster needed a new cord, same as I did when I brought my unit from my parent's house. Except I took mine to Hodge's Hardware, 850 Middle River Road, and they connected a new cable, same as they did for the big drill press.

The other hit I got was an Ebay auction - starting price was $10. Probably needs a new cord, and a blade to boot. Mine has a nice new DeWalt blade, and while the saw is heavy, it has good torque - 8 amps. Theirs was stamped 3/59; mine is 6-58. They also had a chipped knob, although I'd avoid the duct tape route.

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