Tuesday, April 8, 2008

hike 06-Apr-2008

the plan was to walk on 43 from 150 to 40.
however, google earth doesn't show a road there as of April 2008.
it did let me plot the route, where I guessed the points.

It showed a distance of just under 3 miles in one direction.

But it was raining in the morning I planned to
walk, so I waited until around 2 in the afternoon. It spattered a bit as I drove to the train station parking lot but I had a rain jacket and pants so I plundered on.

Per panoramio, the first shot I took was near

(maximum zoom, centered near Marc train station).
I stopped at intersections to take shots, so I could track my progress later on the maps. The camera keeps time, and while I thought I set it, it was a few hours off, showing 10:52 when I started at 14:15. But elapsed time should work.
See the index here (http://www.editgrid.com/user/jspath55/HIKE-2008-04-06), with links to the photos on their way to google earth.

About an hour later I arrived at the destination.

The trip back took a bit longer.

Amtrak lines, showing power plant stacks on the horizon. And the Bengies Drive-In screen (120 feet wide).

Finally, there's my car in the parking lot.

Art tour later.

I kept the spork, the dollar, and my phone. The rest I left. No way to carry a shovel, a helmet, a gas can or a piece of rebar. The cat lives where I saw him or her.

Route determination

Mapping this with google and panoramio was tricky since the photos don't show what's there now. RR tracks and roads are fine, but electric lines and streams, traditional orienteering guides, aren't that noticeable on google satellite photos. I've driven this road, so I knew where I was going, but who pays attention to sidewalk conditions at 50 MPH?

Trying to figure actual walking distance, I used Google Maps to plot between 2 landmarks (Martin Airport, Double T Diner). Directions said to turn from MD 43 to Bird River Road, but there is no intersection there (see photos). Filed bug with google.

Nice to be able to push routes and waypoints around dynamically - google map says the distance is 3.3 miles each way (not counting wandering off the center line).

No batteries on this hike, but I found a cool spork!

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