Thursday, May 29, 2008

Launch party for "Freshly Squeezed"

The Creative Alliance started out in a dingy ex-store front, and is now a shiny jewel in an ex-vaudeville era movie house.

Several folks read last night, with Kathy kicking off the Freshly Squeezed collection release party with the short story "The Box".

Mare Cromwell picked a few poems, some in the anthology *"Toy Soldier", and some not.

Tamara Keurejian's autobiographical story "Goodbye, Francis" brought a lot of emotions to the surface.

Barbara Friedland spoke, but I don't think her pick was in the book, certainly not the Bush editorial comments. Afterwards, we spoke to her about teaching, learning, and attending Towson University, where Kathy graduated, and Julian is going into Sophomore year. Her class on Marketing seems a good choice for media careerists.

I hope Fernando Quijano finishes his novel "Forever Lilith" one day; he shared a few pages and skipped to parts that seemed as true and real as anything in the newspaper.

Rick Connors read parts of "A Gentleman's Garden" which reminded me of my days on Collington Avenue in Baltimore City.

Eugenie Nable ended the sessions with "Single-Mom Buzzard." We were glad we had eaten.

Apprentice House
published the book, and claims to be the country's only campus-based, student-staffed publishing firm. Thanks to all the editors and teachers at the Creative Alliance!

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Eugenie said...

Just found Crumbs from the spork... Thanks for writing your response to the reading at CA...yes, I'm glad we had eaten earlier, too. At one point, I think I actually got queasy reading my piece about the single-mom buzzard... Will keep checking your site for more commentary on Baltimore events you attend.
Cheers, Eugenie Nable