Tuesday, May 20, 2008

reindex of 8 things

I indexed the "8 things" meme back in January and February.
In the meantime, I have met a couple people who were further back in this chain of events.

Looking at this from oldest post to newest:

Luis Suarez 19-Dec-2007

Susan Skrupski (at ASUG08, didn't meet her) 31-Dec-2007:


Maggie Fox (met at ASUG08/Sapphire) 01-Jan-2008:

"But, enough about me. I’m tagging Collin Douma, Laura Fitton, Shel Israel, Craig Cmehil, Thomas Otter, Kate Trgovac, Leila Boujnane, Jeremiah Owyang and Phil Gomes (yes, yes, I know that’s nine!) to tell us eight things we didn’t know about them."

Shel Israel (met at ASUG08/Sapphire) 01-Jan-2008:

"Thus I now tag Pat Phelan, Loic Le Meur, KD Paine, Chris Heuer, Robert Scoble, Toby Bloomberg, and Liz Strauss. May each of you have fun with this. More important, please do not forget to link to me."

Craig Cmehil (met him at SAP TechEd in 2007) 01-Jan-2008:
"To keep with the spirit I tag Alvaro Tejada, Michael Coté, Nigel James, Eddie Herrmann, Dan McWeeney, Matthias Zeller, Frank Köhntopp, Dennis Howlett and Rich Heilman."

Thomas Otter 04-Jan-2008:
"Hmm. I’ve been tagged. By Maggie and Susan. Their wish is my command. They are not to be trifled with, those two."
In the tradition of these meme things, one should pass it on, so I’ll tag James Farrar, Steve Mann, Mike Prosceno [met him at ASUG08/Sapphire] , and Nigel James.

Dennis Howlett (met him at ASUG08/Sapphire) 11-Jan-2008:


[didn't take the baton, but interesting commentary on the pass around]

James Farrar (met at ASUG08/Sapphire) 07-Jan-2008:
"As if blogging is not exhibitionist enough I have been tagged by Thomas Otter for even more personal disclosure."
"Well there you go, enough privacy surrendered for one day. I now pass the baton to Dennis Howlett, Charlotte Otter, Marilyn Pratt and James Governor for same."

Marilyn Pratt (met in 2007) 24-Jan-2008:

"Now, grannimari is quietly and sedately working as an online community evangelist for the Business Process Expert Community. And looking to the community members who inspire and challenge her thinking. In that spirit of letting no good deed go unpunished, I’ll tag: Jim Spath , Eddy De Clercq , Jen Robinson, Thomas Ritter, Dick Hirsch and Ram Tiwari"

I wrote 8 separate blogs, but it took me nearly a month to finish them, as I went for depth rather than my typical short answer, starting on 25-Jan-2008 with:


My summary was published as:


At this point (21-Feb-2008), I tagged 2 people:

1. Blag
2. Ignacio

I know they both responded, so as soon as I find those stories I will link them.

Other side links also welcome!


shelisrael said...

Better make that eight. I answered this one several months ago. But thanks fr thinking of me.

JSpath55 said...

Shel: I wasn't intending to tag you; I was trying to show the genealogy of this meme from an originating point to me. I tagged Blag and Ignacio (only 2, not 8 people, breaking the rules, ha), but I can't find their replies yet.
I linked your reply in the tree.
Perhaps a drawing would have been clearer?