Friday, June 13, 2008

Customer experience definition for ASUG

This is not my normal blog, not that there is any such beast; I'm using this platform to define a few metrics for customer experience on the web site, a place for SAP users and related community members to network. We periodically set goals to "improve the web site" and use various ways to measure what this means.

Site Metrics

Accounts - Individual

There's an absolute measure of how many accounts have been created. While I see a number over 80,000, that's not the number of people that we advertise as current ASUG membership, since when someone abandons an account we would not reuse their ID number. We should know the number of new accounts created by day, week or month.

Accounts - Site

People sign up under a company or other entity, so we should know the growth in number of companies. We should also be able to see the number of members in categories such as 1-10, 10-100, 100-1000, 1000+. This would enable us to see the trends as smaller companies bring up SAP applications and join ASUG.

Active members

In order to gauge changes in member activity we need to see the number of people who log on to the ASUG.COM site each day, week and month. This should include both the total number of logins, the distinct user logins and the distinct company logins.

Because purging of membership data may happen infrequently, we need to know when and how member rolls are adjusted. Deletions for invalid email address, company no longer a member, and other reasons should be shown so that growth patterns are correct.


Members are subscribed to services in multiple ways, such as SIG and Chapter identification, and opt-in for discussion forums and ASUG member network. Each of these needed to be reports.


We want to encourage the use of our discussion forums, and to document that this is successful we need to see user activity by various methods. The number of site logins is listed above; other metrics would be the number of new threads created, the number of thread replies, the number of distinct users asking questions, and the number of distinct users answering questions.


RSS feed counts by category

Company reports to champions showing activity (or lack of) by user in that company.

Metrics: SIG membership: since many people belong to multiple SIGs, aggregated membership totals are higher than the true number, so the methodology should be made clear.

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