Tuesday, September 16, 2008

ASUG Operations Optimization conference - day 1

Like many difficult journeys, this one started with a single step. A few missteps have hit us, but we're pushing on.

First, I set my watch to Central time after we landed in Nashville. A little later, I noticed it was running slow. After a bit longer, it stopped completely. It's not like I carry a spare watch, must less a battery. No big deal I supposed. I mainly need it to keep on track during our presentation Tuesday, but we've practiced so should pace well.

Then, tried to start my laptop Monday morning. It was fine the night before, I had even downloaded my updated agenda from www.editgrid.com But it was stone black screen of death. Called the Help Desk. No help. Later they offered to drop ship a replacement, but the logistics outweighed the advantage, as long as the smart phone keeps ticking.

Bette and Lisa did their global available to promise presentation first thing Monday. It was well received, and I deferred a couple questions to our session (Jim+Jim) Tuesday.

My co-speaker advises everyone to watch their speed at the Virginia Tennessee border near Bristol. The NASCAR track doesn't extend to I84.

Throughout the weekend and into Monday we were getting updates on the health and wellbeing of Gretchen and her family in Houston. They have ridden out Hurricane Ike with stories to share during later conference calls.

I saw a few friends during hallway meetings and the neworking lunches and reception, including volunteers like Linda, Jan, Joellyn, Ina, and board members Paul and Chris.

The most fun of the day was as pictured above, where BITI volunteer Nixon Xavier is working on a portion of a large painting that will be given to a hospital. See www.hospitalart.org For more information.

Hats off to the team that found that activity, and to the decision to ban plastic disposable water bottles in favor of water stations. ASUG green!

More later, as long as my typing thumbs can manage.

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Gretchen said...

Thanks for the report, Jim! I am looking forward to hearing more about the event. Houston is slowly returning to pre-Ike normal (normality being a relative term here in Texas :)), but a lot of areas are still without power, including the west-side suburb where much of our IT staff including my group is officed. Not sure yet when we will be able to return. Our power went out here at home after the storm had already passed; go figure. We were very fortunate to be without power in this inner city neighborhood only 46 hours; they are saying that some people will be without power for weeks, and there is no word yet when Galveston and other badly flooded areas will be inhabitable. Yes, I will regale the team with amusing hurricane survival stories on the next call.