Friday, September 12, 2008

Follow that pedi-cab!

In May, I wrote about my trip to Orlando, and the bicycle taxis, as a manifestation of pollution reduction, in an SAP community blog. As a formerly active cyclist, I identified with the pedi-cab drivers over the gasoline-powered taxi drivers.

Today, as the latest SAP conference extravaganza was ending, I got a surprise email from one of the cyclists in Florida, saying they are facing eviction from the Orange County Conference Center grounds. That's really a step back, if you think of what little impact a few bicycles have on the local environment, compared to the cars and buses that most conference attendees use for transportation.

Here's what she said:

= = = =
Hello James,

Happy Friday! I hope this message finds you in good spirits. I am one of the pedicab drivers you met at the SAPhire show in Orlando at the Orange County Convention Center. You gave me your business card and told me you would put us in your blog.

We had the Oracle pedicabs. I found the videos on youtube and the link you put in your blog was really nice. Thank you. I really appreciate it.

I have created a lens with a feedback section on squidoo about pedicab service. I linked the youtube videos to the lens. If you like to add your feedback you can visit the lens at:

The County is questioning our operation at the convention center. We have been operating on property and they want us off. We will meet in two weeks to present a case to the County showing our services are used by attendees at the convention center and how much they like it. Can you answer the next two questions?
***How do you feel that our pedicab services helped you in enjoying your visit to the Orange County Convention Center?
***Do you wish to have our services available to you, if you were to come back on another visit?

You, rock, James. I wish you the best.

Redi Pedi Cab Co.
= = = =

Of course, I wrote back. If you want to add comments, please visit their site above, or let me know and I'll get you their email address.

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