Saturday, October 4, 2008

Door fixer

The folks at Hodges Tru-Value Hardware on Middle River Road are always helpful, (literally) bailing me out of a variety of home-owner situations. The most recent was today, when I needed to replace our storm door handle. I've needed to replace it for a while, but a new dog in the house finally motivated me.

I picked up what I thought would fit, but they gave me 2 other door handles, one brass, and one plain black, that would drop into the holes. The old handle just kind of fell apart, with the tongue dropping on the ground one day.

I dragged out a few



The top left shot shows the temporary handle - a short piece of rope.
The other top row shots are the basic tools. I almost got away with just a screwdriver, but the new shaft was larger than the old one, so I drilled out the hole.
The aluminum in door left a few rough edges, so I filed them down.
The middle left picture shows the larger hole, although the metal shards are not visible.
Middle picture is the new handle, not quite tightened down.

Middle right picture shows the new handle in place, though the odd curvature to the door is an artifact of the inadequate cell phone camera lens.

The bottom shot is a bit farther back, so the foreshortening is gone.


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