Saturday, October 11, 2008

In Germany, on the road to Berlin, day 1

Arrived early, train to Bühl was 20 minutes late. Had a little sleep on the plane. The train ride was nice, but windows were dirty and I was looking into the dawn so no sharp images of Germany country-side other than sharp contrasts between city and farmland. Very creative graffiti as you would see on East Coast rail corridors. I guess Berlin would be more intense.

Saw this young lady on my several hour walk through the town of Bühl. Despite the crack in her head she seems to be enjoying the weather(ing). With a plate of cookies.

This statue is near the town center park (Stadigarten). Babelfish suggests "the homeland our victims" for "der heimat unser opfer." But a better translation might be "only the good die young."

Doesn't work(?):

The town had a jazz festival on my trip weekend, so I made an effort to find a little music. The show last night was held in a old school building converted to apartments. The band played some Louis Armstrong and Ray Charles type jazz. It was quite like being home, but for the crowd speaking German. I hung out in the alley, as the admission was 24 Euros, and I was too tired to spend several hours, much as I might have liked.

On the way back to where I'm staying I spotted a battery carcass in the space between the gutter and the cobblestone street. I didn't have my camera for an in situ photo, so here's one after retrieval.

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Mark Finnern said...

Love the little Gartenzwerg. Not sure what you translated, it is Stadtgarten, which means park that is kept up by the city. Most often in the center of the city. But may be I misunderstood. Enjoy the rest of your trip, Mark.