Sunday, December 28, 2008

Is SharePoint wiki evangelist an oxymoron?

I was nominated to proselytize on wikis at work, with a goal of helping build a departmental wiki. We have SharePoint (tm) and at first I didn't think this was feasible, given the term wiki doesn't return any hits on the internal SharePoint search engine.

After a quick Google, I found instructions for creating a wiki site, and while minimalist to the point of oppression, it seems feasible.

I managed to get in touch with Stewart Mader, of the wikipatterns book and site, and am hoping for professional help.

I shared the 90-9-1 theory with my boss; my "going-in" position is that we can't expect a lot of participation, but measuring usage will be important.

My previous post on the inadequacy of SharePoint's blogging tools got reaction, as well as new contacts for future feedback.

New Year's Resolution - come up with a better name for what I'll be doing than Evangelist or Proselytizer. Suggestions?

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woodwind3 said...

One thing I suggest is to get your IT group to install the (free) RadEditor Lite, from Telerik. I wrote about it in my blog ( a few weeks ago. It gives much better editing experience to your users - especially if they want to embed images. That might also help with the editor issues you were experiencing with the SharePoint blog.

- Woody -