Saturday, July 9, 2011

SummitCorps - Thursday July 14, 2011


It was very foggy this morning, with temperatures lower than any other day of the week. I put on a long sleeve T shirt, but packed a short sleeve for the afternoon. Breakfast was once again various packaged foods, including cereal bars, granola and trail mix. Nothing spectacular, but there was hot coffee and plenty of drinking water.

We returned to the same spot as before, and since we had connected our trail to the crew working near us, we went over trail sections we had cut before for finish work. One of the challenges of the day was removing a number of logs that were on the side of the trail, stuck together in a way that was likely to cause water to back up, or more logs to cover the trail. There was also continued work on a section that was very rocky; we pulled out the largest rocks, then rearranged some of the to make a passable trail. Once that was done, we took buckets and buckets of top soil to the low spot.

Much of the day was spent fine tuning sections of trail work by viewing the grade by eye, measuring the slope with a MacLeod, and digging out the high spots that would cause future rain to collect on the trail instead of running off. The work was demanding, and much less rewarding than blazing trail, seeing how far one can get ahead.

One of my tasks on Wednesday and Thursday was working on a slope that seemed to have about 4 inches of top soil, embedded with many rocks. Once I found the clay underneath, that meant a lot more soil and rock removal to keep the track usable. A side effect was using that material for fill dirt in other low spots. We needed to keep going back over different sections to pull the duff aside, again making sure the trail would drain.


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