Saturday, July 9, 2011

SummitCorps - Tuesday July 12, 2011

The second morning of onsite Summit Corps trail work started similarly to Monday - reveille at 5:45 am, meeting for breakfast at 6:30, bus ride starting before 7, and at the site by around 8 am. The food was similar to yesteryday, Philmont trail breakfast and lunch, with oranges and apple juice for breakfast along with various bars, cookies and dehydrated fruit, and crackers, cheese and other packaged goods for lunch.

When we started down the trail, it looked like we would be making progress at the same rate as Monday, but we soon hit a section of rocky soil that slowed us down. Not too many tools could be used in that section, and it became a debate how deep to dig, not to mention what to do with the rocks pulled out. We typically would be putting them on the uphill side of the trail. The rocks could be used later for fill areas, such as from pulling out a stump or fallen log.

Our crew works with different tools, though as the days pass many seem to have a favorite task or area to work on, such as blazing the trail (corridor clearing), cutting small stumps with a pick mattock or cutter mattock, or breaking trail tread with the "Rouge hoe", etc,

There were also more difficult sections of trail to build today, with obstacles such as tree trunks, stumps, and insect attacks including bees and mosquitoes.

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